Company Profile

bWellness is the sole importer of Heel products in Australia & New Zealand products for human use. Heel medicines are available through a large network of distribution partners within Australia & New Zealand.

Most Heel products in Australia and New Zealand are practitioner prescribing products and can be purchased from your healthcare practitioner.

What began as a visionary idea has now turned into a global pharmaceutical company that is active in 50 countries and employing over 1400 people worldwide. Heel develops, manufactures and distributes natural medicines which have multi-target properties.

Driven by their pioneering approach and by a passion for what they do, Heel is now one of the world’s leading natural medicine companies. Because of its safe and effective medicines, they have become a reliable partner for patients, clinicians, pharmacists and medical-scientific experts around the world. Heel’s sustained international growth is a result of their long-term strategy of commitment and dependability.


Australia & New Zealand | 1300 551 077 (Aus) / +64 9 845 1245 (NZ)