The Story

From its early beginnings, Heel have been driven by a spirit of curiosity and pioneering innovation. Established in Berlin in 1936, its founder Dr. Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg was a creative and inquisitive thinker. A physician and homeopath, he not only developed new medicines using purely natural substances, he also pioneered a therapeutic approach based on using those natural medicines to help the body activate its autoregulating mechanisms.

Dr Reckeweg wasn’t satisfied with just seeing that his medicines and therapies worked – he wanted to know why they did. Scientific research into natural medicine became an integral part of what Heel is about. Thanks to this research-driven focus and innovations in the development of products and therapeutic solutions, Heel has continued to grow and thrive.

The company moved to Baden-Baden in southern Germany in 1954 and became part of DELTON AG in 1977. Since then, Heel has been on a steady path of growth and internationalisation. From their headquarters in Baden-Baden (Germany), they cooperate with subsidiaries and distribution partners around the world. The founder was convinced that natural medicine has a vital role to play in healthcare. His vision paved the way for one modern medicine – and Heel will continue to stay at the forefront of these developments.


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