Date: 18th September, Tuesday

The mighty mitochondriaIntracellular managers of the stress response. This webinar will outline a system view of the mitochondria and support the use of BioRegulatory Systems Medicine as part of a safe and effective clinical strategy for mitochondrial health and the treatment of chronic disease.

Current scientific and technological advances show a paradigm shift in understanding the role of mitochondria, not only within the cell but throughout the body. Mitochondria are now recognised as an integral part of a structural and functional network within the cell and do more than just produce ATP energy. They are also major integrators of cell signalling, regulating numerous physiological functions throughout the body, including inflammation and the response to psychological stress.


  • Recognise the important fundamental roles that mitochondria play in the stress response
  • Identify the systems view of mitochondria, including newly discovered functions and connections
  • List various perturbations of mitochondrial networks, including specific environmental toxicants and the clinical consequences of these perturbations
  • Understand how the principles and products of BioRegulatory Systems Medicine could support the health of the cellular energy network within mitochondria.


3 x Webinars $80AUD
from 21st June 2018


3 x Webinars $60AUD
by 20th June 2018


7.00pm ACST

9.30pm NZST

1 Hour + Live Q&A


1 point per webinar

Accredited & Recognised by ANTA, ANPA & CMA


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Presented by: Dr David Leischeid, BSc, PhD, ND

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