NEXT WEBINAR: BioRegulatory Medicine for Female Health

Practitioners education is an important part of the industry development. Heel is proud sponsor of the webinar held next week with Dr Bert Hannoset.

Please read below the interview with Dr Hannoset regarding the topic of his webinar.

What is the topic you are speaking about?

Female Health and especially dysregulation of the female endocrine system and the relationship with other dysregulated system-networks.

What makes you passionate about this topic?

The insight that there is always an interconnectedness of the different sytem-networks and the great therapeutic effect gained by the use of medicines with bioregulatory properties to regulate these dysregulated systems.

What do you think is so important to discus at this time?

The knowledge that a disorder in the female endocrine system is almost never a stand-alone problem, but is caused by a cascade of failures in different networks of the entire body.

What do you think practitioners will walk away with from having attended the seminar?

This presentation will leave the attendees with a clear understanding of:

  • how to recognize and take into account other system-network dysregulations when addressing women’s health
  • how to approach these problems using medicines with bioregulatory properties

How much research has been done on the topic?  In your opinion, what are the most fascinating facts about this topic?

Modern literature, like PubMed, is full of publications that speak about the fact that disorders and diseases must be seen as network disturbances. Diseases are caused by a cascade of failures, which lead to the malfunctioning of cellular networks and as a result to the development of specific diseases or disorders.

DATE: MAY 30, Tuesday

TOPIC: BioRegulatory Medicine for Female Health

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