Webinar Replays

Female Endocrine System Health

Presented by Dr Bert Hannosset

The clinical presentation of female hormonal imbalances may vary considerably and may involve numerous tissues and organ systems.

This enlightening webinar illustrates the use of Bioregulatory Systems Medicine to improve therapeutic outcomes by supporting a patient’s own autoregulatory capacity.

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Detoxification and Drainage

Presented by: Dr David Lescheid

Detoxification and drainage is a fundamental principle in Bioregulatory Systems Medicine. This webinar will present an overview of the current view of the role of toxins in health and disease and will illustrate the use of Bioregulatory System’s Medicine to effectively assist Detoxification and Drainage.

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BioRegulatory Medicine approach to Fibromyalgia and Central Sensitivity Syndromes

Presented by: Dr Natalie Tsolakis

Stress, Central Sensitivity Syndromes (CSS), and Fibromyalgia each have a common ground. This webinar will illustrate how these conditions are connected and will educate practitioners on how to most effectively use a BioRegulatory Systems Medicine (BrSM) approach in treating these conditions.

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