Distribution Worldwide

bWellness is the sole importer of Heel products for human medicine in Australia & New Zealand. Most of Heel products are practitioners prescribing products in Australia and can be purchased from your health practitioners.

The global outreach is made possible through the strong collaboration with local partners.  Almost all of their products are manufactured at Heel in Baden-Baden, Germany, and distributed by a network of regional subsidiaries and distribution partners. They ensure that around the world, patients can be treated with Heel medicines which have been ‘made in Germany’.

The guaranteed high quality of Heel natural medicines is another reason why patients and doctors put their trust in them. From the natural raw material to the finished medicine that leaves their plants; stringent pharmaceutical guidelines according to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) ensure that Heel natural medicines are of the highest quality.

For more distributors worldwide please visit: https://www.heel.com/en/int/heel-worldwide


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